Free Introduction to Strengths Events

I run free sessions 1-2 times a month to introduce you to strengths and the Strengths Profile tool.

I love Strengths and I want to share this with you!

  • Learn about the strengths approach and how it can increase your energy, confidence, performance and more

  • Get a free Starter Strengths Profile

  • Understand the difference between what you're good at and what energises you

  • Reflect on your unique strengths in a friendly, inclusive environment

1) Before the session you do a FREE starter Strengths Profile assessment and get a report like the example shown here, identifying 9 of your strength areas

2) During the session, you'll be introduced to the Strengths Profile Methodology and the evidence behind it

3) You'll have the opportunity to reflect on the results of your Starter Profile in small group discussions

4) You can ask questions to help you understand the approach and your own results better

5) You'll get more information about the options if you want to discover your full Strengths Profile (60 strengths) and work on applying, developing and celebrating your strengths in an inclusive, supportive community

How will this work?

Past Participants say...

Leah led a great session exploring the Strengths Profile with a diverse group of inidviduals. She structured the content well and clearly guided us through our own understanding and development. A wonderful leader and facilitator.

- Kay H, Charity Leader

Strength-building is the kind of thing I thought I could do easily by myself. And I can, BUT having a session made me realise the power of connecting with others; hearing their experience; sharing my own; having the whole thing facilitated well by Leah. It throws up so many gems of insight and accountability that I would have missed doing it solo.”

- Tricia C, Digital Strategist

I now have a better understanding of what my strengths mean and how I can use them together to better balance my energy. The session was also a valuable reminder of how differently people think and feel!"

- Saoirse D, Communications Consultant

Leah is a natural facilitator who brought a great deal of wisdom, insight and experience to the session - I joined the session out of curiosity and came out with new and unexpected insights and contacts. Thank you!

- Anon., Research Consultant

About your facilitator...

I coach through a strengths-based Neuroinclusive lens.