ADHD/AuDHD Coaching

  • You've recently been diagnosed with ADHD and the experience has left you feeling "diagnosed and dumped" OR you're awaiting formal diagnosis and struggling to cope

  • You've got low energy, and/or are at risk of, or recovering from, burnout

  • You're experiencing challenges at work, want support figuring out what your next job should be or what accommodations would help

  • You're feeling exhausted by the effort of masking every day but unsure how to stop

  • You're struggling to implement strategies that help with your imposter syndrome, perfectionism, rejection sensitivity, people pleasing, poor self care / self esteem

  • You know you've got ADHD and it's impacting you at work/in other parts of your life but you find it difficult to articulate what could help

Does any of this sound like you?

If so, ADHD Coaching can help!

As an AuDHD adult myself, I get it.

Before acknowledging my ADHD and having ADHD coaching myself, I had endured almost four decades of shame and negative coping mechanisms.

Now I help other people to acknowledge and understand how ADHD impacts them and find strategies that work.

  • Recognise and celebrate your unique strengths

  • Identify what energises and deenergises you, how masking impacts you and how you can make changes that increase your energy

  • Develop self-confidence and acceptance

  • Establish strategies and habits that work for your unique brain

  • Address the specific challenges you're facing related to your ADHD

  • Is a fellow ADHDer

  • Is an accredited ADHD coach and Strengths Coach

ADHD coaching can help you...

Your coach...

Neurodivergent and in work?

You're eligible to receive up to £66k/year of support in the workplace - including things like ADHD coaching and neuroinclusion training.

Included in your coaching package:

  • Comprehensive Strengths Profile assessment

  • Personalised report including 60 potential strengths

  • 85-minute Strengths Profile debrief through a Neurodivergent lens

  • 6 or 12 x 55-minute 1-1 coaching sessions

  • Weekly accountability check-ins throughout our time together

  • Worksheets, videos and handouts on the topics we discuss

I coach through a strengths-based ADHD lens.

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