Strengths Coaching

  • You're fixated on your weaknesses and don't understand your strengths or believe in yourself

  • You've got low energy, feel drained/exhausted, and/or are at risk of, or recovering from, burnout

  • You don't love your job, you're considering a career move but aren't sure what you'd want to do

  • You're struggling to implement strategies that help with your imposter syndrome, perfectionism, rejection sensitivity, people pleasing, poor self care / self esteem

  • You want to increase your confidence, relationships, leadership profile, feedback skills, resilience, work-life balance

Does any of this sound like you?

If so, Strengths Coaching can help!

As a recovering perfectionist myself, I get it.

Before finding Strengths Profile and embracing a strengths approach as a small charity CEO, I was struggling with the expectations placed on me by myself and others to.

Now I help other people to embrace and celebrate their strengths and weaknesses and apply the strengths approach to their life meaningfully.

  • Recognise and celebrate your unique strengths

  • Identify what energises and deenergises you, how masking impacts you and how you can make changes that increase your energy

  • Develop self-confidence and acceptance

  • Establish strategies and habits that work for your unique brain

  • Address the specific challenges you're facing related to your ADHD

  • Is passionate about strengths

  • Is an accredited Strengths Profile Coach Practitioner

  • Is enrolled in a Strengths-Based Autism Practitioner course

Strengths coaching can help you...

Your coach...

You'll do a thorough self-assessment exercise and unlock your full Strengths Profile, which identifies your full 60 profile of strengths (click the image on the right to download a sample profile)

We'll have an indepth debrief where I help you to understand the Strengths Profile Model of Development and we identify how you'd like to apply Strengths to your life

We'll meet over (approx) 6-12 sessions and explore the issues that matter to you, through the lens of your strengths profile.

I'll support you to identify goals that help you make full use of your strengths, navigate around your weaknesses and the things which drain you, and draw on the strengths that you and others around you have.

How will this work?

Your Strengths Coaching Package includes...

  • Expert Strengths Profile including 60 strength areas

  • Custom Career Guide

  • Worksheets and exercises

About your facilitator...

I coach using Strengths Profile